Krystyna Wiercioch

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GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Method, Pilates and the Franklin Method

My Philosophy

I am inspired by the elders in my community and their drive and ability to move, enjoy life and create. We should continue to learn from those that have lived.

My fitness philosophy is movement is lubrication for the joints.

My Story

I am a Californian native educated in mathematics and dance. I have spent time educating, receiving masters in education and a masters in dance education while living in Philaldephia, where Pilates was the natural transition. A few years after I tried a GYROKINESIS video, I was sold. My body felt significantly different, longer and my joints were so open. I then traveled to Manhattan to train certify inGYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® method. Soon after my training I returned to California to be closer to my nieces and nephew.

My Testimonials

“Krystyna introduced me to gyrokinesis and gyrotonic. Her wealth of knowledge and intuition about the body and how it moves is vast. She beautifully integrates her different skills to truly help her clients. Not only will you feel and move better, but you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of your own body and how it’s put together”.

– Dena Epstein

“Krystyna introduced me to gyrokinesis and gyrotonic, and I’m hooked! I love the sense of humor and fun she brings to teaching, and I’m never bored. She also has an amazing ability to pinpoint and work on blockages in the body. My range of motion has vastly improved since working with her from the first session I knew this work is what my body needs”.

– Autumn Woish

“I’ve been working with Krystyna for a few months now.  I’d originally thought I’d do Pilates but she suggested I try gyrotonic and gyrokinesis and what a difference that has made!   My range of motion has improved since I’ve been seeing her.  Agree with the other posters who said she is professional and knowledgeable.  I’d also add intuitive – she adapts our sessions depending on how I’m moving.  She is fun to work with and has a great sense of humor.  If you are thinking of Pilates, give gyro a try.”

– Ellen Blakey

Hidden Talent

My ability to stay home, in front of the tv, and craft. I up/recycle everything I can, I spend days and weeks planning and designing. Most crafts go to my nieces and nephew or decorates my apartment. I want to learn to build my own home within old storage units. I’m also learning to play the banjo.

My Education

 I hold Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Dance from San Francisco State University, a Master’s in Education from Cal State LA and a Master’s in Dance Education
from Temple University, Philadelphia.

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