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Where there is movement, there is no pain. Where there is pain, there is no movement

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Sports Medicine and Pain Management, Immunity, Stress Related Disorders, Women’s Health, Nutrition.

My Philosophy

From a classically Chinese perspective, moderation in all things is the key to long life. As very modern Americans, most of our days are spent in a quite sedentary manner while working 40+ hours a week. In order to reach even moderation, we really need to be active when we have the time. I think the best way to achieve this to find workouts that take you out of your head so as to stop thinking, focus your breathing, and make you smile ear to ear.

My Story

I was born and raised in the East Bay, and after a winding road, I’m so happy to live and work where I truly feel home. I first discovered my passion for holistic health care when studying dietetics as an undergrad in college. After working in a hospital, I moved to Napa where I learned massage therapy. After three years there, I joined the Peace Corps and became a Health Education Volunteer in Moldova. It was there I decided to pursue Chinese Medicine, and after my two years of service I started Traditional Chinese Medicine school in Santa Cruz, CA. Now I feel so lucky to continuously learn from the masters in my field, with 2000+ years of knowledge and wisdom to choose from.  (To learn more about Jen, or to book online, go to

My Testimonials

I make sure to see Jen before every half marathon I run in [about 7 a year]. We are able to fit in acupuncture, cupping, and a bit of massage in 90 minutes.  That night and the following day my body feels so much better.  I recover quicker after the races, and I am 100% sure my times are better because of the work she does.  I would recommend these pre-race treatments to anybody. -T.S.
Jen was incredibly adept at assessing and responding to whatever I needed. Although, I originally went for back and joint pain I could also count on her to attend to seasonal allergies, a cold, or other ailments and she was able to treat me and prescribe me herbs.
I should also mention that I received regular acupuncture in China for the three years I lived there and I am an experienced patient. I was very impressed by Jen’s abilities and breadth of knowledge. She also has a very good bedside manner and I always left with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. -J.G.
Jen Ross has made me recover from 2 foot surgeries better than my traditional medical practitioners.  Physical therapy was not able to advance my recovery but acupuncture DID.  I cannot recommend Jen more highly. -H.G.

My favorite way to spend the weekend:

West African Dance Classes! I’ll take ‘em all weekend long in Berkeley, Marin, back to Oakland for the trifecta. Ending it all in a hot tub Sunday night.

My Education

  • BS, Dietetics, University of Florida,
  • MS, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Five Branches University.
  • Clinical Externship, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Hangzhou, China
  • Diplomate, Canonical Herbal Medicine from the Institute of Classical East Asian Medicine,
  • Certification in Healing With Whole Foods Nutrition with Paul Pitchford
  • Currently studying Acupuncture Physical Medicine with Anthony Von Der Muhl
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